Best Morning Routine for Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Most Effectively in the Morning

  1. Don’t eat too many carbohydrates the night before. For your evening meal, focus more on protein for body repair, while keeping your carbohydrates and fat low.
  2. Skip Breakfast. Eat your first meal at break time which for many people might be around 9am. If you kept your carbohydrates low the night before, you body will have an easier time taping into stored fat for energy.
  3. Have a booster if you need one to get you through. You could use coffee with low calorie sweetener or just have it black.
  4. Super Morning Fat Burning Tip: Do some low zone cardio in the morning, like a brisk walk on the treadmill. Many bodybuilders or athletes will do this when cutting body fat. If you can do an hour walk, that would be great, if not, do as long as you can.