Exercise Programs

Here are some of the top exercise programs on the internet. We list muscle building, bench press, body building and fat burning programs for you to checkout.

Full-Body-Licious – A female’s formula for a flawless figure

Critical Bench
Critical Bench Program 2.0 will help you increase your bench press by up to 50 pounds in 10 weeks… while packing on muscle in the process.

Muscle Gaining Secrets
Chief training adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine and world renowned fitness expert, Jason Ferruggia shows your How You Can Eliminate These Devastating Muscle Gaining Mistakes, And Instantly Force Your Body Into Anabolic Overdrive… Leaving It No Other Choice But To Pack On Thick Slabs Of Rock Hard, Shredded Muscle As Fast As Humanly Possible!

The Truth About Six Pack Abs
Surprising foods (that you thought were unhealthy) that actually assist the fat-burning process in your body. 3 Foods marketed as "healthy" that actually increase your stomach fat… stay FAR away from these! Weird workouts (scientifically-based) that burn belly fat faster than typical cardio…

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