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Nature's Way MacNut Oil

MacNut Oil

Nature's Way Organic Macadamia Nut Oil - 80% Monounsaturates

High Natural Source of Monounsaturates, which have been linked to longevity and cardiovascular health. 

Healthier than Olive Oil. While olive oil is better than most because of its 70% monounsaturated fat content, macadamia oil is even richer with 80%. A problem with olive oil is its instability. It deteriorates at room temperature and bums at 350'F (which is lower than temperatures used in baking and sauteing). Conversely, macadamia oil remains stable at room temperature, does not require refrigeration, and won't bum in cooking temperatures ranging up to 450'F. 

Ideal for Low Carb Diets. Endorsed as part of The Hamptons Diet and by Dr. Fred Pescatore, who recommends that his patients take one tablespoon per day. 

Tastes Great. Same buttery taste as the nuts, which makes it a better choice than olive oil for cooking omelets, stir-frying and using in salad dressings.