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Vitol Russian Bear

Russian Bear Vitamin Packs

Russian Bear is a Natural Anabolic Soviet formula combined with our country's latest technology in developing one of the most powerful and advanced bodybuilding products known to sport science.
Russian Bear contains physiological factors of High Biological Activity Substances BAS which are capable of positive change within the body.
Russian Bear's Scientific formula incorporates Exogenous BAS in the form of Adaptogens, Krebs Cycle intermediates, Anti-Oxidants, Anabolic Activators, Methyl Donors, Energy Metabolizers, Buffering Agents, etc.
Russian Bear was formulated by Val Vailef, ND, winner of over 80 physique, power, and weightlifting awards including Mr. America.

One Russian Bear Pak (8 tablets) contains:
High Performance Anabolics - Beta-Carotene 25,000iu, Vitamins D-3 1000iu, C 2000mg, Natural E 600iu, B1 150mg, B2 150mg, B6 150mg, B12 300mcg, Niacin & Niacinamide 150mg, Pantothenic Acid 300mg, Folic Acid 400mcg, Biotin 300mcg, PABA 20mg.
Maximum Performance Anabolics - Leucine 1000mg, Isoleucine 1000mg, Valine 1000mg, Orchic (testes) Concentrate 1200mg, Thymus Con. 200mg, Adrenal Con. 200mg, Pancrease Con. 100mg, Pituitary Con. 100mg, Anterior Lobe Pituitary Con. 100mg, Hypothalmus Con 100mg.
Biologically Active Booster & Anabolic Sterols - Gamma Oryzonol 100mg, Smilax Officianalis 100mg, Beta Sitosterol 50mg, Stigmasterol 50mg, Fucosterol 50mg, Campesterol 50mg, Saw Palmetto 50mg, Gotu Kola 50mg.
Minerals, Methyl Donors & Energy Metabolizers - TMG 150mg, L-Methionine 150mg, Calcium 100mg, Magnesium 500mg, Potassium 99mg, Iron 30mg, Manganese 10mg, Copper 2mg, Zinc 75mg, Selenium 200mcg, Iodine 150mcg, Molybdenum 150mcg, Vanadium 100mcg.
Exegenous Anabolic Activators - Yohimbe Bark 600mg, Dibencozide 10mg, Boron 3mg, Trans-Ferulic Acid 200mcg, Chromium Picolinate 200mg, Colostrum 300mg, Mexican Wild Yam /Taro Root 300mg, Arginine Pyroglutamate 4410mg.
Metabolic Intermediates, Energetics & Adaptogens - Creatine Phosphate 50mg, L-Carnitine 100mg, Inosine HXR 500mg, Succinate 400mg, Carnosine 20mg, Lipoic Acid 100mg, Eleutherococcus 500mg, Alanine 500mg.

Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, take one pak daily, preferably at meal time.